Our Team

De Wet Botha

As one of the partners who started Prism EMS in 2005, De Wet Botha has become synonymous with Prism EMS. Under De Wet’s management and skilful hand, the company has grown to a significant role-player in the market today.

De Wet has been consulting in the field of Environmental Assessment and Management since 2003. He has gained extensive experience in conducting a broad range of applications related to authorisations from the various authorities managing Environmental Legislation in South Africa. He has completed numerous EIA’s and Basic Assessment Report applications. He has conducted EIA reviews and has acted in a specialist advisory role to other consultants and applicants. Management Plans compiled include Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), Open Space EMPs, Wetland EMPs and Waste Management Plans. De Wet has extensive and specialised experience in wetland- and aquatic assessment and delineation. In addition to this, De Wet also has experience in Specialist Faunal and Floral Surveys, Grassland Rehabilitation and Baseline Agricultural Potential Studies. De Wet is an experienced Environmental Control Officer and –Auditor. GIS data and spatial modelling is included in De Wet’s range of capabilities, along with GIS sensitivity mapping and Project Management.

De Wet is very often included in discussions at the pre-feasibility stages of projects, to determine developability and economic viability of proposed projects. With his management skills and extensive technical knowledge, he is used to steer the entire environmental application and licensing process, including project strategic planning, management and review of specialist reports, identifying obstacles, development of mitigating measures and guiding the process through inception, to completion.

De Wet is considered to be the ‘go-to’ consultant for various large entities in South-Africa. His knowledge of environmental law is all encompassing and his relationships with the various Local- and Provincial Departments a benefit to any project.

M.A. Environmental Management, PHED


Managing Director | Principle Practitioner | Specialist Wetland Assessor

Marinus du Preez

Marinus started working as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) and aquatic ecologist in 2019. He had completed his master’s degree in Zoology, focusing on metals and metalloids within the eggs and eggshells of turtles and crocodiles, occurring within the boundaries of South Africa. Marinus is a highly motivated and experienced Environmental Consultant with a vision to further develop his skills and knowledge through experience and interest in the Environmental and Agricultural Fields. His passion for nature conservation was sparked by his research on the effects of microplastics on sea turtles. Marinus has also worked with various large farming enterprises, as well as for several mining companies and other industries.

Marinus is skilled in aquatic assessment (he is SASS5 accredited), wetland assessments, surface water quality assessments, biomonitoring and water monitoring. He has tried his hand at compiling EIA, WULA and Basic Assessment applications. He is also an accomplished auditor of rehabilitation processes, WUL compliance and ECO services.

M.Sc Zoology

SASS5 Accredited

SACNASP registered

Aquatic Specialist and Zoologist

Maryna Kok

Maryna Kok has been working in the environmental field since 2021. She holds an honour’s degree in environmental science, which she obtained cum laude. She is registered with the South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions as a Candidate Natural Scientist (Cand.Sci.Nat. Reg No. 131044) in the field of Environmental Science. She completed her Honour’s degree in 2020 focusing on the improvement of the quality of non-arable soils by the weathering of basalts and dolerite. Previous Environmental Management exposure was gained as a junior Environmental Consultant which includes environmental auditing and assisting in EIA and WULA applications.

Maryna is proficient in compiling Basic Assessment Reports, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans as well as background information documents. In the field of Mining Environmental Compliance, she has compiled Mining Work Programs as well as Social and Labour Plans. Furthermore, conducted Environmental Audits and completed Environmental Audit Reports along with calculating Financial Quantums. She has also been involved in compiling Annual Rehabilitation reports, Care and Maintenance Plans and various Closure Applications.

B.Sc (Hons) Environmental Science

Candidate SACNASP Scientist

Environmental Consultant & Soil Scientist

Nico Snyman

Nico Snyman entered the field of environmental management in 2020. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSci) Degree, as well as an Honours BSc degree in Geography and Environmental Management.

Key environmental experience, tasks and functions include: Environmental Management Programme reports (EMPr), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Basic Assessment reports (BAR), Site Sensitivity Verification reports (SSV), Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) screening reports, Environmental Authorisation Applications, Public Participation Process, Comments and Responses reports, specialist study reviews, South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) uploads, Geographic Information System (GIS – QGIS and ArcGIS) mapping, environmental consulting, Water Use Licence Applications, Environmental Audits and Environmental Sampling.

BSc. Honours in Environmental Sciences

Junior Environmental Consultant

Simrin Reddy

Simrin Reddy entered the field of environmental consulting in 2021. Key experience includes Basic Assessment Reports, Integrated Water and Waste Management Reports, Environmental Sampling and result analytics and auditing. Additional experience comprises Environmental Performance Assessment Management, Project Management, Project Communication and Reporting, Governance and Compliance Alignment.

An analytical and strategic Environmental Technician recognised for supporting environmental projects for national assignments using a monitoring-based approach from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. As a consultant in the private sector for national assignments in the mining industry, Simrin gained experience in water use licence applications, basic assessment reports, groundwater and surface water monitoring, RSIP and EMPr auditing, environmental impact assessments, water conservation and water demand management plans, and conducting site visits with inspections.

BSc. Honours in Environmental Sciences

Junior Environmental Assessment Practitioner

In Addition...

In addition, we have as part of our team ecological specialists and air quality specialists. The team of consultants, together with the administrative support team at Prism EMS complete the package and ensure the unhindered operation of the consultancy and effective quality- and time management of projects.