About Us

Our Vision

Sustainability through environmental management excellence.

Our Mission

Prism Environmental Management Services is a specialist environmental services provider, assuring excellence in environmental resource assessment and management. We stand in partnership with our clients, our employees, the community and the environment. Our ambition is to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution, by means of sustainable utilisation of our precious natural resources.

Our Goals and Values

Navigating the complexities of environmental legislation can be an intimidating task, to say the least. To keep up with ever-changing legislation and the overlapping nature thereof in respect of Air Quality, Environmental Management, Waste- and Water management and Bio-diversity can be an obstacle for the novice. With exceptional field-expertise, command of the relevant legislative requirements and superior reporting quality, the company is recognised by clients, fellow consultants, and various Local and Provincial Authorities as a prominent service provider in our field of consulting.

Our goal is always to provide the client with outstanding service, accuracy and detailed knowledge of our sphere of consulting.

Our values encompass a holistic understanding of integrated environmental management in combination with sustainability. We operate as independent consultants, ensuring the advancement of conservation of the natural environment balanced with sustainable development. We aim to achieve this by means of a progressive and innovative approach to development and social desirability, yet delicately balancing the responsibility of environmental protection.

Who we are?

Prism EMS is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, providing specialised, sustainable and cost effective services in the field of water- and environmental resource management. The company was established in 2005 and has grown since then to a company that comprises various branches, to cover a large client base and offer services over Southern Africa.

Professional Registration

Our team of Consultants have all honed their expertise, to ensure specialist skills are at the disposal of our clients. As per the regulations of the relevant legislation, members of our team are registered with the following professional bodies:

• Scientific Council of Natural Scientific Professionals (SACNASP)

• Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa (EAPASA)

• Southern African Auditor & Training Certification Authority (SAATCA)

• SASS5 Accreditation

• International Association for Impact Assessment : South Africa (IAIAsa)

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De Wet Botha

Managing Director