Current Projects

Some of the current projects with which Prism EMS is involved, include the following:

Applications in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998

Coega Tank Farm Part 2 Amendment to EA

Amendment of the EA is required.

The Part 2 Amendment Report is available for review here:

Amendment Report (Vol 1)

Amendment Report (Vol 2)

Amendment Report (Vol 3)

Annexure 13_1 Company Profile & CV

Annexure 13_2 Maps (Vol 1)

Annexure 13_2 Maps (Vol 2)

Annexure 13_2 Maps (Vol 3)

Annexure 13_3 SDP (updated)

Annexure 13_4 EA and Amended EA

Annexure 13_5 OTGC Letter

Annexure 13_6 Oil Spill Commitments

Annexure 13_7_1 Pre-App Meeting Minutes

Annexure 13_7_2 I&AP Database

Annexure 13_7_3_1 Proof of Adverts

Annexure 13_7_3_2 Site Notice

Annexure 13_7_3_3 BID

Annexure 13_8_1 Risk Assessment

Annexure 13_8_2 Biodiversity Assessment

Annexure 13_8_3 AQIA

Annexure 13_9 Construction EMPr

Annexure 13_10 Operational EMPr

Annexure 13_11 Impact Assessment (updated)

Annexure 13_12 TNPA Letter

Annexure 13_13 Timelines


Northam Zondereinde #3 Shaft

A full Scoping and EIA process as well as Water Use License with various specialist assessments for the expansion of the mine.

Village Ext 20 Services Installation

Installation of services to the proposed township requires an Environmental Authorisation as well as Water Use License.

Riverside View Ext. 84

A full Scoping and EIA, as well as a Water Use License Application is required for this development.

Eldoraigne Ext. 59

The proposed construction of a school on this site requires a Basic Assessment Process with related Specialist Studies.

Portion 73 to 76 of the farm Zwartkop 525 JQ

A full EIA and Water Use License Application is required for an Equestrian Estate.


Waste License applications in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008


Halewood International :

Industry Waste Management Plan

A detailed Industry Waste Management Plan compilation for approval by the Department of Environmental Affairs.


Water Use Licenses in respect of the National Water Act, 1998

Steyn City development

Various licenses for water uses on this large scale mixed use development in Johannesburg, are currently in process.

The Village Ext 20

A Water Use License to facilitate the installation of services to the township.

K56 Link Road from William Nicol Avenue to Main Road (including the Erling Road Extension), Fourways

A Water Use License to facilitate the construction of a link road to assist with traffic flow in the area.


Auditing in terms of NEMA, NEM:WA, NWA and ISO14001:2015


Steyn City development

Appointed as the independent Environmental Control Officer on site since 2010, Prism has been involved in monitoring activities on the site for the duration of the construction period. We facilitate WULA’s and also specialist studies from time to time, to ensure the development is compliant with the relevant legislation and management plans governing this large-scale development (± 800ha).

Bronberg Ext. 25

Environmental Control Officer services, focussing on the Golden Moles which inhabit the Bronberg area.

Porcupine Park Road & Bridge Construction

Environmental Control Officer services as well as Water Quality Monitoring during construction of the bridge.

Northam Platinum Zondereinde Division

DMR and Annual Performance Assessments.